Preying on Those Most Vulnerable


by Calulu Last week someone sent a link for a sect that calls itself “Biblical Families”. At first glance they seem like the usual patriarchal fundamentalist flavor of Christianity, like a thousand other versions of Christianity. In fact, this is how they describe themselves – [Read more...]

Choosing my Future


by Vyckie Garrison – Originally posted at Fifth article in Secular Woman’s Women’s History Month Series. by Vyckie Garrison, No Longer Quivering Life without choices is simple. As a young woman, when faced with [Read more...]

CTBHHM: In Which Mike Spills the Garbage


  Created To Be His Help Meet, pp. 40-42 Debi’s goal in this passage is to show how thanksgiving produces joy. She starts with a story called “My Jolly Playmate.” This story is sort of divided into three parts: the first part continues Debi’s pattern of urging women to just be happy rather than actually [Read More...]

Open Thread Discussion on Christian Fundamentalism


by Vyckie Garrison Over on the Spiritual Abuse Survivor Blog, Defeating the Dragons, Samantha is looking for input on readers’ personal experiences with Christian fundamentalism. One of the questions she asks is: I know that some of you [Read more...]

roses – how the purity culture taught me to be abused


by Samantha [warning: I am going to be talking about sensitive, sex-related issues today, including rape and sexual assault. ] First, let me share my rationale [Read more...]