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One of the main purposes of No Longer Quivering is to provide a safe space for those recovering from abusive theology or leaving a faith community. Part of recovery is having a place to discuss the unique challenges of healing in a supportive environment.

In order to facilitate discussion and keep No Longer Quivering recovery-friendly we do insist that all comments and commenters do not personally attack anyone else. Disagree politely, attack the ideas, not the authors and other commenters. Calling someone names, impugning they are not ‘normal’ or rude words will not be tolerated as they do create a hostile environment.

Comments that do not conform to this standard will be removed and if the poster continues to post inappropriate commentary they will be banned by IP address.

Attempts to fight with a moderator is an automatic ban.

Racist comments, or commentary that includes violent hate speech against a people group will also be removed and be an automatic ban.

Going off topic isn’t a big deal, not agreeing with the author’s assertions is perfectly fine, asking a fellow commenter to explain themselves or telling them why you think their ideas are wrong are all expected. Most of the time, 99%, the comments are great and the commenters themselves a wonderful thoughtful group. Let’s keep it that way!

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