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  • Nancy


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  • Marie

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  • Suzanne Seed

    Is there some button one must push to read the featured stories? I can only see the titles.

  • Domainseller

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  • Susan Stevens

    Hi Vyckie and/or Calulu,

    I was just wondering why the woman’s rant about being rammed into by a stroller was included as a NLQ news story? I can totally understand her being upset about this, that was horrible behavior on the part of the dad — but her use of the terms “hell spawn” to describe a child and “breeders” make this more of a personal rant that might be cool to post on one’s personal blog, but not really a professional news story.

    Plus I know we all love our kids and don’t think of them as “hell spawn,” or of ourselves as “breeders,” just because we’re not quiverful.

    So posting such an article on the NLQ news site could give readers the wrong impression of NLQ.

    Thank you for your consideration of my idea.


    Susan Stevens