Is Biblical Gender Roles a Big Hoax?

We quote Biblical Gender Roles here at NLQ at least once a week because of his over the top assertions about the Bible and how wives owe their husbands sex upon demand. Now comes allegations that he's not real, that it's one gigantic hoax perpetrated on the world by one Matt Perkins, biblical studies scholar and non-Christian.  Apparently Matt Perkins is also a fake name, like the fake name of Larry Solomon that BGR's goes by. So says Unsettled Christianity in  a post titled a word of caution on Biblical Gender Roles. … [Read more...]

News: Bill Gothard Defenders

Got up this morning to two sets of surprising news. First, there is now a site up that defends Bill Gothard. It's name, 'Discovering Grace', is a play on words on the website 'Recovering Grace'. Recovering Grace is the website where Bill Gothard was outed as a serial fondler and sexual creep by many of his teenage victims. Curious that this is going up a mere ten days after the lawsuit against Bill's IBLP Board of Directors. Very Bill Cosby-like.  The ICANN registry is unrevealing, showing only that the site owner purchased it through Tucows in Toronto and that they paid for a Privacy registry service so that no one can know who actually owns the site.  But it is almost certain that Gothard o … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: Marriage is Opposing Plumbing Fittings?

by Michael Pearl from No Greater Joy Magazine - What God Hath Joined TogetherEditor's note: Now Michael is equating marriage to plumbing fittings, as in if the parts don't easily go together and make one unit then there can be no 'marriage' What do you think about his analogy? One point that his homophobic rantings brings up is who has the right to define marriage? Is it those in the union? The government? The church? … [Read more...]

NLQ Question of the Week: Why is Modern Medicine Denigrated?

This is a new series we have started running on Thursdays. Examining some of the questions involving long held Quiverfull theology and life.We've all seen the Quiverfull families that refuse all modern medicine, sometimes with rather dire consequences. I'm thinking of a lady at my former church that had a very treatable form of cancer yet refused all treatments because she believed that medicine was idolatry and that God would heal her. She's been six feet under for quite some time now, dying in horrible agony. Her husband took the insurance money from her death to buy a yellow Corvette, and marry a much younger better looking woman after the death of his wife. … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: Cartoons and Caricatures Are Sin?

by Susan Zakula of Butter and Honey - Caricatures --- How Dangerous Are They?Editor's note: Just in time for the yearly decrying of Halloween is demonic that is prevalent in Fundamentalism we have someone claiming that cartoons are sinful and demonic. This is the same lady that did all those horrible book reviews who seems to have the understanding of a kumquat about classic literature.  … [Read more...]

Jim Bob Duggar Offers Anna a House to Stay With Cheating Husband Josh

It's floating around in the online tabloids late last night and this morning that Jim Bob Duggar has offered Anna Duggar a $345,000 house on the condition she stays married to his son Josh. This would be the same home that was purchased for the midwife to live in and that Jill and Derick Dillard stayed in during their recent visit. Of course, this is all according to unnamed Duggar 'insiders' so there's no real evidence this is true.What is true is the fact that Anna and children are back in Arkansas living with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and assorted Duggar children. Since she's back home again and not living with her parents in Florida it seems to indicate Anna will not be divorcing … [Read more...]

A Plea to My Millennial Sisters: Channel Your ‘Inner Suffragette’ to Keep the Doors From Swinging Backwards For Your Daughters and Theirs…

by Emily Nielson Jones of Christian Patriarchal Watch List For Parents - From her Linkedin post used with permission. "But our position on women in leadership is really not a major issue.  It’s just a minor issue to us, not a core matter of faith.”  (a representative of a popular Ivy League campus ministry speaking about their “complementarian” organizational structure which limits top leadership positions to men) Have you too heard this familiar refrain?  Or said something along these lines?Do you ever have this palpable sense that history isn’t just some distant set of events that you read about in a history book but rather feels very real and present?  That was my day yesterday.  T … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: Part 2 – Justifying Child Abuse?

by Michael Pearl from No Greater Joy Magazine - The Rod and ReproofEditor's note: Now Michael goes into the 'I know what I'm doing so listen to me over the "experts"' without understanding he is very uneducated in the field of the psychology of children or any practical manner of 'raising' them. He does his usual here, denigrate those that have spent their lives on becoming educated in the field of children's needs and pumping himself up as an 'expert' because a few hundred or so families were foolish enough to allow him access to their children. I don't believe his claims that he's observed and helped thousands of families at all. … [Read more...]

Answering ‘Preparing To Be A Help Meet’ – What To Do In An Awkard Situation?

Another installment of giving better answers to the questions asked at Debi Pearl’s site message board for the book ‘Preparing To Be A Help Meet’. Many young ladies ask questions on all sorts of different subjects brought up by the book. There was just one big problem, many of the answers stray into either the outright bad and emotionally unhealthy to dangerous. Yes, typical Debi Pearl borderline abusive. Here’s what we’re going to be doing here at NLQ. Every week, once or twice a week, I’ll be posting up one of the questions from the message board and ask you, our readers, to answer that poor soul’s question in a way that is logical, rational and the best possible solution, in other words 18 … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: Part 1 – Justifying Child Abuse?

by Michael Pearl from Above Rubies Magazine - The Rod and ReproofEditor's note: We're going to look at Michael Pearl's latest claims that his child training advice does not lead to kids that think violence is the answer. He's still trying to say that those that beat their children to death during discipline aren't doing it right, or truly following his advice. This is even more horrific in light of the beating death of Lucas Leonard at the hands of his parents and church members in upstate New York just a few weeks ago. Any time you take up 'The Rod' there's always a chance that the adult administering the 'correction'  might lose control and beat the child to death, no matter how … [Read more...]

Shame-Based Parenting Fills a Child’s Heart With Shame Instead of Love: Disrespect for Children That Tilled the Soil For Abuse at Hephzibah House

by Cindy Kunsman cross posted from her blog Under Much GraceOriginally published January 2012. This is part of a series on Understanding How Emotional Development in Childhood Affects Adults: Fostering Spiritual Abuse via the “Roots of Victimization” All images originals from Under Much More Grace. If you recall, this latest discussion here concerning developmental problems and deficits in children came about after a supporter of Ron Williams, the proprietor of Hephzibah House (HH), published a blog post that challenges those HH Survivors who have come forward to tell of the abject abuse and terrible conditions they suffered while incarcerated there. There are many other Independent Fun … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: Have ‘Joy’ And ‘Purpose’ Or Your Children Will Be Foolish?

by Michael Pearl from No Greater Joy Magazine - More Than Controlling Their BehaviorEditor's note: Sometimes I wonder if Mr. Pearl is secretly saying and doing these things as a parody of religion or if he has the attention span/recall of a mosquito and simply doesn't remember the stuff he said before. He's always contridicting himself in his child training advice. This is a really good example of it. He's claimed before you have to control every itty bitty bit of behavior until the will of the child is broken. Now he's claiming you can only raise great kids in a home with 'joy' and 'purpose'. And I think we can all agree that his definition of those words are likely to be vastly … [Read more...]