Preparing a Visionary Daughter to Do Hard Things by Kiery

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    Having just read your whole story, I want to let you know my husband and I are wishing you the best of luck. We were both raised in different religiously crazy backgrounds, met on my 19th birthday, and were married that year. While are families are not as strict as yours, they brought their own hardships to our relationship, baggage to unpack and get rid of, and yet we’re about to celebrate 8 years this fall. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are too young, or that marrying young is a mistake. For some of us, we’re old before our time, and marrying young is when we should, rather than putting it off and wasting time with the wrong people. I wish many blessing come to your and your Husband,

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    Also, please excuse all selling and grammar mistakes, as I’m typing with an 18 month old in my lap and that is rather distracting.

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