Style Guide

A few guidelines to keep in mind for submitting to NLQ’s SASBN.

We keep the layout simple and easy to read with plain black text on the white background so it will work well on a variety of browsers and devices. It might not be snazzy and eye-catching but works.

It’s best if when you submit that all specialty formatting be removed and it be in a plain text format via a word document, pdf file or an Open Office document. Email that document to our admin at

For those people who’ve given NLQ permission to use postings from their blogs they will be edited to fit with the style of NLQ.

If there is a specific photograph or graphic you would like used with your submission please let us know. If you do not want any artwork or graphics from your site used also make us aware of that as well. If no picture is submitted or requested the admin will add an appropriate image into the article.

Maximum photo size is 300 by 300 pixels and under.  The photo is always aligned to the top left hand corner.

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