Millipede: Part 28

by Millipede As January gave way to February, I noticed that my ex and I spoke for shorter lengths of time. He seemed busy. I didn’t give it much though, after all we were just friends and nothing more. Then came the day that we had meet at the courthouse to renew our homesteader’s tax [Read More...]

Millipede Part 27

by Millipede When I got to my sister’s place, she called her neighbor’s son. We ended up going out to see the trailer that day. It was a pleasant day for traveling; warm and sunny. It matched my mood perfectly. I was floating along that day, nothing could get me down. The early fall colors [Read More...]

Millipede: Part 26

by Millipede I stood there looking at my ex turned “roommate”.  By either title, I would be stuck with his problems. Winter and all it’s problems loomed ahead. For some reason, I thought of the book,The Shinning. The description of Danny’s thoughts as he realizes that the hotel is haunted and that he and his [Read More...]

Millipede Part 24 – The Breakup


by Millipede The next day I got up. As I showered and got dressed I thought of the previous night’s events. I was tired, a bit worried, but mostly resolved. I was going to have a final talk with my husband; lay the cards on the table concerning our future. The discussion started as others [Read More...]

Millipede Part 23


by Millipede The moment of truth came one Saturday night. No surprises there. Of course, my husband had decided to have something to drink. I abstained of course, someone would have to be ready to call 911. Even though the any possible seizure would not occur until the following day, a 400+ pound man could [Read More...]