The Beginning – Before You Meet Prince Charming

by Mel cross posted from her blog When Cows and Kids CollideEditor's note: Mel is starting a review of another Quiverfull daughter get married or else book. This time it's 'Before You Meet Prince Charming' by Sarah Mally. All quotes from the book are in blue text.We have a new first!  This book inspired me to write the first blog post on the cover, the cover quotes and the author's note.The Cover The cover is a bit terrifying, honestly.  There is a back-lit guy on a horse holding a lance...or a mace...perhaps a broadsword.  My husband wanted to know if Prince Charming was a euphemism for the Angel of Death in Christian Patriarchy after seeing the cover.  Judge for you … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: Beall Phillips Responds to Excommunication?

by Beall Phillips (wife of Vision Forum disgraced head Doug Phillips)  at Facebook on November 17th, 2014A little late posting this but here it is. Beall's response. … [Read more...]

News: Pastor Accused of Using Nanny as Sex Object

Written by Chelsea Schilling and reposted from World Net Daily. Lawsuit claims religious leader promised to marry young woman after wife dies(Warning: This story contains explicit descriptions of alleged sexual conduct described in a lawsuit and may be offensive to some readers.)The former leader of a popular Christian ministry – who resigned from his position after confessing to an “inappropriate” relationship – is now the subject of a lawsuit that claims he “methodically groomed” and made unwanted sexual contact with a young woman after serving as an authority figure in her life for more than a decade. … [Read more...]