Quoting Quiverfull: Your Kids Will Be Obese If You Work Outside The Home?


by Laura Keynes from Mercator.net and The Conservative Woman as quoted by Ladies Against Feminism - Stay At Home Mums vs Super Sized KidsEditor's note: You have to hand it to the LAF crew, they know exactly how to take an article that might just have a grain of common sense or be rather sensible advice and twist the content to fear monger to their readers. This is more of that even if the original author is calling for government support so that mothers don't have to go out and work. Having mother at home isn't going to magically lead to better eating choices for the children either. It takes a sustained commitment by the entire family to make that happen. Plus it would help if there … [Read more...]

CTBHHM: Michael’s Meat, Sit Down and Shut Up and It’s All In Your Head


by Libby Anne cross posted from her blog Love Joy FeminismCreated To Be His Help Meet, pp. 72-73Now that we’re finally finished with Debi’s scare tactics, we get another anecdote from the early years of Debi and Michael’s marriage. … [Read more...]