NLQ FAQ: How did you get yourself into this mess?

Jonathan W. Rice (jwr) In late 2009, I learned that a journalist had written a book about the Quiverfull movement.[1]  I ordered the book and also discovered an online forum for survivors and refugees who’d fled from it (No Longer Quivering).  As far back as 1989, I’d known several families who fit the description but [Read More...]

Lydia's smile could have lit a room

This post first appeared at Beauty For Ashes by Laurie M. Paul and I have just returned home from the funeral of a most precious little girl.  Lydia’s smile could have lit a room. Now it reflects the glory of God the Savior for all eternity. . . . It is now exactly two weeks [Read More...]

Disciplining to Death ~ No Greater Joy Ministries and Child Abuse

by WanderingOne Friday, February 5, Kevin and Elizabeth Schatz, were charged with beating their 7 year old daughter to death for mispronouncing a word, and torturing her 11 year old sister, who was brought to Sacramento Children’s Hospital in critical condition from kidney failure and other injuries.[1] In addition to the two girls, who were adopted, the Schatz’s have 6 [Read More...]