Quoting Quiverfull: More Family Devotion Means More Righteous Parents?

by J. Wilbur Chapman as quoted by Colin Campbell at Meat For Men - A Better MemoryEditor's note: Nancy's other half seems to do nothing more than complement her constant themes of be happy and control your thoughts and emotions. Here they are claiming that frequent family devotional time means that the parents will be less hypocritical. I don't think it works like that. … [Read more...]

News: Evangelical Christians Are Cheating?

The site frequented by people who want to cheat on their spouses, Ashley Madison, has conducted a survey asking their users to identify which religion they are. The results were surprising.Of the people who agreed to take the survey it looks like Evangelical Christians are the ones seeking to break the 7th Commandment in Exodus 20. Surprising information seeing as they are the very ones making all the fuss about modesty, no sex outside of marriage, no sex before marriage. Guess it's another case of 'Do as I say, not as I do.' … [Read more...]