Girls Interrupted: Second Act

by Cindy Foster cross posted from her blog Finding FundamentalIn the first act of "Girls Interrupted" found here,  I wrote about one level of competition among the women that arose as a consequence of the belief that women were afflicted with some 'spirit of misbehavior' for which the men were obliged to control and correct.This indoctrination produced impulse-driven needs for mothers to present worthier-daughters-than-the-rest to attract ministry-ambitious, bachelors.  It is no exaggeration to call it an all-out competition. The winners were the mothers whose daughters snagged the sharpest 'God-called, daddy/preacher-approved prize... a godly husband. … [Read more...]

Fear Factor

by Ellen cross posted from When Church HurtsMy friend, Rebekah Gilbert, has written a great blog post about Fear.  Her thoughts turned on a light bulb in my head because I realized just how true her words are.  You see, the spiritual abuse that was meted out to me had one purpose only:  to create fear in my heart and in my life.Perhaps the perpetrators’ ultimate goal was to get me to leave, but they did this in such a way that over the decade-plus years of spiritual abuse, I became terrorized.  And, just as my friend, Rebekah, realized, once I began to stand up to my abusers, the fear that they had placed on me returned to them.  Such great fear that their only recourse was to ban me … [Read more...]

Millipede: Part 13

by MillipedeThe new building had not materialized. The way that things were going, their might not be enough funds to acquire the building. Even so, our pastor continued on with his vision of a new church. I got the sense that even if it he had to go back to having church at home, he was going to create a new organization.It was at this point that we noticed something; my husband was no longer our pastor's confidant. Sure, our pastor would be friendly with my husband and if asked, he would discuss the new church with my husband. However, when the new building became available, he asked several other of the men to accompany him to the new building to see what they thought of it. My … [Read more...]