Quoting Quiverfull: Silencing Sexually Abused People in the Church?

by Tim Bayly from Bayly Blog - Sexual Abuse: Church Coverups Don't Justify Witch HuntsEditor's note: One of the more sick and twisted things to come from the writings of pastor Tim Bayly. One part making ridiculous claims about women, one part 'Just shut up about sexual abuse' silencing, and one part revisionist history. The church has already proven that in this issue they cannot be trusted to do the right thing. Too many times sexual abuse by those in power at the church has been swept under the rug and the victim blamed. As long as this is the way church leadership handles sexual abuse the media and websites need to call for reform. … [Read more...]

Victims and Abusers and Why Church is Not Safe

by Samantha cross posted from her blog Defeating the Dragons[trigger warning for abuse] If you follow me on twitter, you might have noticed that I watched My Fair Lady this past weekend, one of my favorite movies from when I was younger, but a movie I haven’t seen in years. And while I enjoyed the nostalgia and singing all the songs again, it was not an entirely pleasant experience and I probably won’t watch it again. Watching Professor Higgins, listening to him sing “Let a Woman in Your Life,” realizing that he never uses Eliza’s name and instead prefers to call her wretch, insect, and baggage, and understanding for the first time that Professor Higgins is an abuser . . . … [Read more...]