Jessa Duggar Seewald Delivers Baby Boy Seewald

No real details yet. This comes from Ben's sister Jessica Seewald's Facebook page about 8 pm est. Of course People Magazine has the news first. Will add information to this posting as it is available (likely tomorrow morning..) No word on if this was a home birth or a hospital one or how Jessa made out.  Screencap below from Jess Seewald's Facebook: … [Read more...]

News: It’s Wednesday – Duggars

It looks like In Touch Weekly dropped the Duggar ball this week when there are new legal documents or at least news of legal maneuvering. Looking at their website it looks like In Touch is busy salivating over Subway's Jared having his home searched by the FBI for child pornography and John Legend's naked derriere photos. No time or room for Duggars.If you are interested in the latest Duggar News be sure and follow the Facebook page Duggar Family News: Life is not all pickles and hairspray  Some of today's  news emerged out of their page. … [Read more...]

News: It’s That Duggar Time of the Year

.... right before a new season of '19 Kids and Counting' premiering on The Learning Channel. So that brings with it a bumper crop of odd Duggar-related stories as their PR machine kicks into high gear. We'll spare you all the articles celebrating Jill and Derick Dillard's 'weekiverseries'Rather than do a posting of each one I'm just going to list them here.Josh Duggar poses with assault rifles and toddlersMichelle Duggar talks special wedding giftBen Seewald's mea culpa for his anti-Catholic rant turns into a 'Come To Jesus'Josh Duggar and family release DVD showing them preaching at the White House and other venues … [Read more...]