Quoting Quiverfull: Be a REAL Lady?

by Elizabeth Elliot as quoted by A Lovely Calling - Being a LadyEditor's note: The absolutely hysterical thing about this particular quote is that the blogger quoting this narrow shaming/blaming quote on lady-likeness is violating most of it in a very silly looking selfie photograph at the original posting. No one can dictate what are and are not the 'right' characteristics for a woman to possess. Every single woman is different, no matter what Quiverfull female enforcers try to say! … [Read more...]

The God Card: Subordinate But Equal

Subordinate But Equal (Piper and other Complementarians on 'Biblical Womanhood')The God Card ~ Thoughts on Patriarchal Teachingsby Journey The patriarchy camp loves to say that, at the core, it believes men and women are equal.  A common phrase goes something like, "Men and women are equal, but simply have different roles to play."  The statement often works like a charm.  After all, hey, they just said men and women are fundamentally equal, right?  People playing different roles isn't necessarily bad.  In fact, it’s usually positive.  Images of actors on state are conjured up in our minds, putting on a costume to play one role or another---or different occupations people choose, lik … [Read more...]