Quoting Quiverfull: Donald Trump is the Only Godly Choice?

by Tim Bayly of the Bayly Blog - Glenn Beck Wants Us to Save the Republican PartyEditor's note: This isn't the only religious leader in the Evangelical world standing behind Trump. Most of the Evangelical Christian world apparently thinks that Trump's many sexual abuse allegations and his own words are somehow less immoral than Mrs. Clinton deleting emails, something that the last two Republican Secretaries of State also did. What type of moral inner wrangling does it take to keep standing behind someone that corrupt? These are all the same men going after Bill Clinton during his presidency over consensual sex, saying his affairs made him unfit to be president. … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: Scream at Your Children?

From Salon quoting Glenn Beck's recent show - Glenn Beck: Scream at your children until they believe in God.  Glenn Beck branched out on Wednesday from his usual political conspiracy crazy-making to dispense some terrible parenting advice. You see, Beck believes that parents should use verbal abuse and physical intimidation to teach their children that their rights “come from God” by getting “in their face” and making them cry. … [Read more...]