Happy 4th of July! Let Us Give Thanks For Freedom Of And From Religion

Happy 4th of July dear readers! May your day be filled with family, food, fun and fireworks if you so desire it. Or, if you are like me may your day be filled with reading and quilting or whatever else fills you with joy.To celebrate the religious freedom this country was founded upon as we enter the 239th year as a nation I am listing below a selection of readings from various Quiverfull and Fundamentalist sources that will make you happy we have freedom. Imagine, if you will, being forced to live your life the way the people below would insist you do if they succeeded in making the US a theocracy of their own design... … [Read more...]

Happy 4th of July: Why We All Need To Get Out and Vote: Quoting Quiverfull

Since it's the 4th and we're all busy grilling or whatever today's posting is an open thread to talk about whatever you'd like and will be today's only post. Enjoy the day and be truly terrified by the political vision of the Duggar Family. Good reason to go out and vote in every election. Imagine a country run only by the morals of Bill Gothard and the Duggars.by the Duggar girls pages 181 through 182 from "Growing Up Duggar" Some people think Christians should stay out of the political arena, but we strongly disagree. Our family believes faith and politics should go hand in hand, and we've seen countless examples of how that happens. For example, earlier this year, the Arkansas … [Read more...]