Quoting Quiverfull: Part 2 – Large Families Passed Over?

by Adeye Salem from No Greater Joy Mom - The Silent HurtEditor's note: Adeye goes on to list their hurts. She seems to think that they are owed a place at the table. Perhaps they would be if some Christians behaved like the guy they claim to follow. But she seems to not understand that if you make the choices that they've made, personal choices, that the world does not necessarily owe them anything. Adeye closes with some good ideas that could make any family struggling just a little bit easier. What she does not seem to get is that isolation is a common very toxic thread running through almost all Quiverfull families and churches. It's not unique to special needs families.  … [Read more...]

News: When Does Bible Study Class Include Twisting Nipples With Pliers?

Turns out that in the home church run by pastor Lonnie Lee Remmers it happens or happened as discipline for a boy that supposedly sexually abused his own sister.  From the Inquisitr - Church Pastor Tortured Boy During Bible Study, Made Him Dig His Own Grave, As Discipline  Most of the 15 to 20 members of Remmers’ church, which convened at Remmers own home and several other locations in Corona, were single mothers from troubled backgrounds and male convicts just out of jail. According to The Riverside Press-Enterprise, Remmers provided his congregants with food, shelter and clothing — though not all for free — but ruled over them with an iron hand, dictating even intimate details of their per … [Read more...]