Quoting Quiverfull: Want to Get Married Then Don’t Judge Men?

by Debi Pearl of No Greater Joy - Do You Want to Get Married?Editor's note: Judgmental girls don't get married? This is news to me. Debi Pearl calling out other people for being judgmental and dismissive of others is so rich! What must it be like to have such incredibly strong cognitive dissonance that you cannot recognize that you do the exact same things you are accusing others of? Debi, meet the plank in your eye. … [Read more...]

False Dichotomies: “Homeschooled Girls vs. Feminists”

by Samantha Fields cross posted from her blog Defeating the Dragons So, Robert Knight, an extremely conservative writer for Townhall and whose articles occasionally appear in publications like the Washington Times, wrote an article last Tuesday called “Homeschooled Girls vs. Feminists.” Since the article spends most of its time talking about grown women, I have to admit to some mild annoyance to the persistent infantilization of women in conservative circles. College-aged females are women, thank you. … [Read more...]