Chewed Up and Spit Out


by Mari cross posted from her blog Mari’s Muses Some people won’t be gotten along with. It’s not that you aren’t trying hard enough. It’s not that you can’t be gotten along with. It’s not that there’s something wrong with you. Some people choose to not be gotten along with. * * * * * [Read more...]

My Birdie


by Mari cross posted from her blog Mari’s Muses I got a parakeet last week. Solomon is a beautiful shade of blue. [Read more...]

How I (Barely) Survived Home Schooling

Cross posted from Homeschoolers Anonymous How I (Barely) Survived Home Schooling: Jonny Scaramanga’s Story Jonny Scaramanga blogs on Accelerated Christian Education and leaving fundamentalism at his blog, Leaving Fundamentalism. He is building a resource on ACE here, and collects survivor stories from students with experience of ACE. [Read more...]



by Mari Donald Miller, in “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years” says that when you write a story, even though you hold the pen, the character does what it wants. It’s true. I once wrote a story for a fiction workshop about [Read more...]

Raised Quiverfull: Living the Life Part 1

by Libby Anne Raised Quiverfull Introduction — Questioning Summary Please be sure to click the above links to see an introduction to and explanation of this project, which involves a panel of nine young adults who were raised in Quiverfull families and have since questioned and left that ideology answering questions about their experiences.     Question 1: [Read More...]