News: Josh Duggar and Porn on the Campaign Trail?

Remember all that whispering about 'sin in the camp' and Josh Duggar's broken courtship when he was 16? Remember how the Holt family of Arkansas suddenly disassociated themselves with the Duggars, leading to rumors that the Holt daughter was the one that got molested? While no one knows if the Holt daughter was the babysitter it's unlikely she's a victim considering her involvement with him would have taken place after all that happened. … [Read more...]

NLQ FAQ: Are Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar "Quiverfull"?

by HopewellQ: Are the Duggars Quiverfull?By their own admission, Jim-Bob and Michelle were so “grieved” after reading the information pamphlet in a birth control pill package that they turned their fertility over to God. (“About Us” para.1 See also, Dallas News).  That decision has been the reason for their incredible family size of 19 children.Recently the media has offered several profiles of just who are “Quiverfull” families.Increasingly, the presence of such large, ideologically driven families is being documented through the medium of the age: reality TV shows and lifestyle cable channel specials, all of which campily depict Quiverfull life as like regular motherhoood, but a … [Read more...]