Quoting Quiverfull: Childhood Vaccinations Cause Chronic Illnesses Like Diabetes?

by Nancy Campbell from Above Rubies - A Must ReadEditor's note: This is one of those horrid things that homeschooling Quiverfull people promote that exposes everyone to harm. In the unquoted bits Nancy says it's just no big deal if your children contract something like measles or mumps because they will heal from it. Oh yeah? Let's ask those folks who've lost a child to a common illness that there are available vaccines for. And no, Nancy, diabetes, Tourettes, allergies, anxiety and asthma are not caused by vaccination! She twists that recent measles outbreak at Disneyland by saying it was all adults who's vaccinations had worn off. … [Read more...]

NLQ Question of the Week: Why so Much Folklore and Disinformation?

This is a series we run every Thursday. The questions are things that people who may not know much about the Quiverfull movement or even Fundamentalist or Evangelical Christianity ask about the lifestyle. Examining some of the questions involving Quiverfull theology and life can only shine a light on the toxic nature of this lifestyle choice. … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: Scientific Ignorance is Bliss?

by Doug Wilson from Blog and Mablog - The Darwinism Crack Up Will Be TelevisedEditor's note: This is some of the thinking in the homeschooling Quiverfull world that scares me, people like Doug Wilson who clearly do not understand at all how science works, how scientific investigation and natural laws work, and believe only the few things they can personally observe in the world, but only filtered through the lens of a bronze age book. It does not make for people who hold a fully rounded education, and propagates 'alternative facts' for scientific proof. It reminds me of the parable of the group of blind men exploring the elephant. … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: Practicing Medicine Without a License Again?

by Shoshanna Pearl Easling from No Greater Joy - You've Got WormsEditor's note: Paging Mel again. Is there any legitimate science behind these claims? After seeing last week that Michael Pearl thinks that depression and other 'womans complaints' are problems with the bowels we can see where his daughter gets her bent for telling people what's physically wrong with them. We're not saying here at NLQ that parasites are a real problem, because clearly they are in underdeveloped parts of the world. Just look at the work done by the Carter Center to reduce River Blindness due to parasites in drinking water in third world countries. But here in America this is not such a problem like … [Read more...]

Examining ATI Wisdom Booklets: Part 1 Booklet 5 – Medical Teeth and Bruxism

by Mel cross posted from her blog When Cows and Kids CollideAll images from When Cows and Kids Collide used with permission. Post is  7  pages long. In this post, ATI gives a crash overview of anger causes people to grind their teeth and the horrific side-effects that can ensue.  Of course, the anger-teeth grinding angle is overplayed while the effects are a mix of real and made-up consequences. Let's start with the overview: … [Read more...]

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Examining ATI Wisdom Booklets: Booklet 5 – Science – How Wheat Grows

by Mel cross posted from her blog When Cows and Kids CollideAll images from When Cows and Kids Collide and used with permission. This post is 8 pages long. In today's little slice of crazy from ATI's Wisdom Booklet 5, we take John 12:24 and use it as the basis for an entire lesson on how plants grow from seeds.  Teaching kids how plants grow is a great idea!  Using John 12:24 as a literal explanation of how wheat grows is a terrible idea.I don't want anyone to think I'm bashing the Bible.  I love the metaphor in this verse about how death or loss often brings new life.  I've been humming the hymn "Unless A Grain of Wheat" all day. Historically, the metaphor makes sense.  In areas of … [Read more...]

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Examining ATI Wisdom Booklets: Part 2 Booklet 1 – Medical Portion – Fight or Flight

by Mel cross posted from her blog When Cows and Kids CollideThis post is seven pages long and graphics heavy:Today, we learn about the fight-or-flight response.  Well, kind of.I taught a basic (~9th grade) human anatomy course for 5 years in various formats.  ATI/ATIA has taken on a huge subject in this section.  To effectively describe how the adrenal glands work, the students need to have a solid understanding of the divisions of the nervous system, how different sections of the brain work, … [Read more...]

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Examining ATI Wisdom Booklets: Booklet 1 – Science Portion – How Eyes Work

by Mel cross posted from her blog When Cows and Kids CollideEditor's note: We all know that Mel is smart, educated and very analytical so it seems she is possibly the best choice as a science teacher to break down what the ATI Wisdom Booklets have wrong. Particularly in light of the fact that many Quiverfull families use the booklets as the only homeschool curriculum to teach their children. All images from Mel's blog.Due to the size of the posting and the many images this post is broken into pages. Please click Continue to go to the next page. … [Read more...]

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Quoting Quiverfull: Get Married So You Won’t Have A Heart Attack?

by Nicole M. King originally posted at Mercantor Net as 'Marriage protects from heart disease' before being quoted and renamed by  Ladies Against Feminism - Feminism is Bad For Your Heart HealthEditor's note - LAF is still bloviating over '50 Shades of Grey' mostly, right down to posting articles opposing the movie by people like Vision Forum's Geoffrey Botkin. They have taken time out from that theme to proclaim that feminists have heart attacks, twisting the research that shows married folks, feminism supporters or not, have fewer fatal heart attacks. Disingeniousness at its finest.Here's what LAF had to say about the article and study: … [Read more...]

Not Quoting Quiverfull: Junk Science and MMS

Recently it's come out that some in the Fundamentalist and Evangelical Christian communities who believe in no childhood vaccinations, no doctors and supplements and/or herbals and oils for health are using a supplement named Miracle Mineral Solution in a variety of suspicious ways.What is Miracle Mineral Solution? … [Read more...]