Quoting Quiverfull: This is What Fear-Mongering During Elections Looks Like in Quiverfull

by Nancy Campbell from Above Rubies - How Many in Your Family?Editor's note: I thought lying was a sin in the Ten Commandments? In this posting on how families should pray together she rings all of the lying Pavlov's dog bells. In the run up to this election she's mentioned Obama and Hillary negatively in almost every post for the week. Someone needs to let her know that 'Obama Care' is not the proper name, it's Affordable Care Act and it gives access to insurance, it does not deny people over 75 chemotherapy. Individual plans might do that, but there's not a big federal plan doing that, just like there's not an 'evil ISIS cabal' in every city in the US just waiting to blow up the … [Read more...]

Millipede: Part 20

by Millipede"Little Bit" "Little Bit" a voice cut through my phone conversation. I told my friend that I would call her back and hung up the phone.I had relished being absolutely lazy on Sunday mornings; sleeping in and than taking it easy. My friend had called just after I had gotten out of the shower and I hadn't had time to really talk to my husband. What,I wondered, could be wrong?I found him trying to put a leash on our pet Rottweiler. She was jumping about, making it difficult to get the leash hooked up. That was business as usual, what caught my attention was the tone of my husband's voice. It sounded like he was drunk! Again, he hollered at Little Bit and this time I … [Read more...]