Quoting Quiverfull: No Such Thing as Marital Rape?

by Larry Solomon from Biblical Gender Roles - Do Christian Wives Have to Submit to Bondage and Sadomasochistic Requests From Their Husbands?Editor's note: Not linking directly to this but it is the upper most post on Biblical Gender Roles right now. Larry spends most of the blog post speaking about how he thinks BDSM is sick and as perverted as he thinks homosexuality is. But really the decision to engage in BDSM and other sexual acts is strictly between the participants and again, it involves mutual consent. But then he starts making the case that there is no such thing as marital rape. He thinks it is just a case of physical abuse. Wonder what he'd think about it if the wife was … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: Not Giving Your Man Sex is Defrauding Him?

by Biblical Gender Roles from Biblical Gender Roles.com - Stories of Sexual Denial in Marriage Episode 8Editor's note: There's 'that' word again, Michelle Duggar's favorite one, 'Defrauding'. See, here's the thing, no one owes anyone else sex, not even in marriage. If you're not getting sex in your marriage and it's important to you does it not behoove you to try to rationally find out the why without all this threatening to divorce? Why is it that all these problems in Evangelical/Fundamentalist Christianity are never resolved by actually talking to the person you're having issues with? … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: Don’t Look At Her Sinning Face During Sex?

by Biblical Gender Roles from Biblical Gender Roles.com - How a Husband Can Enjoy Sex That is Grudgingly Given by His WifeEditor's note: This is possibly the worst part of the entire article, worse than insisting that husbands will cheat without sex, worse than saying 'fake it' and much worse than refusing to talk about sexual performance and likes. This ignores all consent and is pretty much straight up rape. Hounding someone into agreeing to sex against their own desires is a type of rape, or at least verges on it. BGR doesn't see it that way, he's just interested in his own selfish sexual pleasure. … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: Sexless Senior Citizen Marriage Sinful?

by Biblical Gender Roles from Biblical Gender Roles.com - Stories of Sexual Denial in Marriage Episode 4Editor's note: I think I'm going to have to start calling this guy One-Note Wally because he's fixated on exactly one subject: forcing women to have sex with their spouses no matter what. Today's posting is him answering a complaining letter from a guy in his 70s who is upset his wife (in her 60s) doesn't wish to have sex with him. Here is Wally the Weenie's answer. … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: Part 4 – Don’t Withhold Sex To Change A Husband?

by Biblical Gender Roles from Biblical Gender Roles.Com - Can A Christian Wife Withhold Sex As A Way To Change Her Husband's Bad Behavior?Editor's note: So now you not only have to allow your husband any sort of sex upon demand and not consider it rape, now you have to control your thoughts, emotions and attitudes about being raped lest it make you 'bitter'. Bitter seems to be an evangelical fundamentalist buzz word for 'Shut the hell up and SMILE!" How is it healthy to deny your own feelings about being abused? It's not. … [Read more...]

It’s In The Bible: Anonymous Evangelical Blogger Says Marital Rape Is Not A Sin

by Bruce Gerencser cross posted from his blog The Life and Times of Bruce GerencserThe Evangelical church is built around one inviolable belief; that the Bible is the inspired, inerrant Word of God. This belief is irrational and intellectually bankrupt, but it is the one belief that binds every corner of Evangelicalism into a cohesive whole. Throw in a healthy dose of literalism and what you have is a recipe for emotional, mental and, at times, physical abuse. … [Read more...]

Right-wing Christian ‘expert’ on feminism insists that submitting to marital rape makes Jesus happy

by No Longer Quivering founder Vyckie Garrison as published this weekend at Raw StoryPLEASE NOTE: This article references a Christian fundamentalist blog post which is extremely offensive! Content warnings: descriptions of marital rape, sexual and emotional wife abuse, spiritual abuse, as well as hard core rape apology and victim blaming via “Biblical Gender Roles.”As a former Quiverfull fundamentalist Christian in the business of rescuing women from religious subjugation and abuse, very little biblically-justified misogyny shocks or surprises me, but a recent post by the cowardly Patriarch who writes anonymously on a site called “Biblical Gender Roles,” is too abhorrent to ignore. … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: You Owe Your Husband Sex No Matter What?

by Biblical Gender Roles from Biblical Gender Roles - Is My Husband Raping Me?Trigger warning for rape culture justifications and excusing sexual abuseEditor's note: If you have to actually ask that question then usually the answer is yes. Gross disgusting everything is always about sex Mr. Biblical Gender Roles is answering a long comment some poor woman who's husband has frequent, painful and unwanted sex with her against her will. Basically the rest of his long, l-o-n-g answer to this woman is that her husband is within his rights to take sex from her no matter what the circumstances, including him blaming women for having ideas from 'Satan' that men have to earn their sexy fun … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: Part 4: Have Sex With Me Or Else?

by Biblical Gender Roles from BiblicalGenderRoles.com – 8 Steps to Confront Your Wife’s Sexual RefusalEditor's note:  He's still banging on and on like an out of control gong about how the wife is sinning without the slightest clue that what he's doing is purely awful on every level. Not much love for his wife like the love Christ had for the church is there? How'd you like to be this man's live in nookie with his insistence that you give in to him at every whim? Sounds dreadful. His little aside that the man needs to make sure he's not sinning just seems for show, not because he genuinely feels like he's sinned. He's blind to any sin of his own if he advocates treating a wife like this. … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: Part 2 – Have Sex With Me Or Else!

by Biblical Gender Roles from BiblicalGenderRoles.com - 8 Steps to Confront Your Wife's Sexual RefusalEditor's note: Again this is all about forcing compliance from someone who obviously has reasons not to have sex with her husband. Put out or else. I bought you. You owe me. All horrible messages without adding in the bible verses written by a confirmed bachelor Paul. Taking sex advice from Paul is like listening to a deaf person explain why you shouldn't listen to a certain type of music. … [Read more...]