Quoting Quiverfull: Part 1 – This is the Damage Female Cultural Enforcers do in Quiverfull

by an anonymous letter writer to Ladies Against Feminism's Lori Alexander's blog Always Learning - Taking Responsibility For Her Own UnhappinessEditor's note: This is one of those letters that makes me so sad. It's because the letter-writer is actually swallowing the toxic advice of one of Quiverfull's prominent cultural enforcers. This idea that women are entirely 100% responsible for their own happiness is one I've personally struggled with and seems to be a theme echoed in many of the life stories of our writers. This last week I wrote in my blog about this issue. Here's the thing, we all are responsible for how we deal with our own unhappiness, just not in the way that Lori and … [Read more...]

Millipede Part 21

by MillipedeThat summer was a mixture of hope, stress and worry.After the first post seizure drinking episodes, my husband admitted that he needed to watch what he drank. He downplayed the symptoms, but even he had to admit that he never used to nod off when he drank. Also the paramedics, the emergency room doctors and finally the neurologist; all of them had pointed to alcohol consumption as a trigger for his seizure. As usual my husband minimized the problem quick to point out that there were other things that could trigger a seizure, but he did say would make some changes concerning how and what he would drink.They say a fire burns brightest right before it extinguishes … [Read more...]