Remembrance of New Year’s Past

by Suzanne Titkemeyer - NLQ AdminDoes everyone here remember the big Y2K scare that the church embraced back in the late 1990s?Back in my old church I listened for several years as people I knew well lost their damn minds over the possibility that when the year 2000 dawned it might be the day the world ends. I watched impassively as friends scrimped to buy huge honking generators, cases and cases of toilet paper and canned food plus stockpiled herbal supplements. The church held seminars with speakers from near and far to tell you why you must prepare for this doomsday scenario. It wasn't everyone in our church, but it was a goodly number of people that believed this. … [Read more...]

Laughter is Good Medicine: New Year’s Resolutions & the Six Craziest Beliefs

How are you and your family planning on spending tonight? Watching the ball drop on Times Square or some other way? Making any resolutions this year?As I think about things I need to personally change in the coming year I think about the most insane beliefs … [Read more...]