Quoting Quiverfull: Part 1 – Biblical Marriage is not State Marriage

by Michael Pearl from No Greater Joy - Excerpt From The Bible on Divorce and RemarriageEditor's note: This series is an excerpt from Michael Pearl's book The Bible on Divorce and Remarriage quietly released in November. This one seems to be one of his less popular books. We start with a pile of 'Pearl Letters' … [Read more...]

Baptist Taliban: Part 3

by Cindy FosterTHE CHURCH WE WEREThe Preacher and his wife graduated from Baptist Bible College in Springfield, Missouri. At the time he attended there, the college was quite conservative. There were strict rules about dress, dating, curfews, entertainment, music and much more.The Preacher actually grew up in Springfield and was a member of a church that was not nearly as rigid in its standards as the college was, so in the beginning of his ministry as pastor, he did not have the extreme beliefs that he eventually embraced later in his ministry.It was several years after the church had started and was established with its own building that the more relaxed climate began … [Read more...]