Quoting Quiverfull: Part 1 – Children’s Needs Are Not To Be Considered?

by Michael Pearl from No Greater Joy Magazine - No More Bondage to FEAREditor's note: This long article from Michael is filled with the type of shaming and blaming he's noted for in regards to children behaving like, well, CHILDREN! Only under the Christian Patriarchy Movement are children constantly believed to be manipulative little buggers who must constantly be 'trained' like an animal with zero compassion for their immaturity and foibles. Why should Shoshanna have to correct something so simple and slight in the first place? … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: So Easing Your Child’s Discomfort is Sin?

by Jay Younts of Shepherd Press - The Tyranny of the Immediate If your children believe the lie that getting instant relief from their discomfort or discontent is ultimate, then they are bound by the power of sin. This pattern, if not stopped, will result in a life dominated by the desire for immediate gratification.Immediate gratification is the gateway to a life of slavery. Understanding this will help you teach your children to see how sin deceives them. Sin feeds on the desire for immediate results. That is why a child can go from seeming bliss to outrage in an eye blink. One moment everything is fine. Then he sees his brother with a toy that he wants and he immediately erupts with … [Read more...]