Quoting Quiverfull: Panic Attacks Come From Impatience?


by Colin Campbell from Above Rubies Meat For Men - The Patience Test #3Editor's note: This very morning I was sharing a good article on panic attacks and how to deal with them on Facebook because there is so much misinformation out there about panic attacks. Colin is doing in this piece what the entire Evangelical and Quiverfull movements tend to do with anything related to the mind, disorders of the mind or mental illness, give a simplistic childish view with the Bible as the answer instead of something scientifically based and medically proven. Shame on him because this sort of thing claims that the power to end all panic attacks, anxiety or stress is in your own control.  Very … [Read more...]

So I’ve Been Spiritually Abused. What Next? – Dealing With Anxiety and Panic


by Pastor Randy Orndorff of Culpeper United Methodist Church shared with permission from the church websiteEditor's Note: Pastor Randy is the pastor of the church I now attend after my years at the abusive Evangelical church in my past. He's a good guy, he possesses one of the most important important characteristics of a good pastor would wouldn't abuse you, he is not controlling. This new year he actually did something sort of revolutionary for a pastor, he preached an entire series on coping with the slings and arrows of real life. So as part of our series I'll be sharing some of his sermon notes here. The rest can be viewed at the CUMC website. … [Read more...]

Triggers: So I Was Spiritually Abused, What Next?


We're starting a new series called "So I Was Spiritually Abused, What Next" with posts about healing, explaining some of the things most people that walk away from spiritual abuse suffer from after leaving as well as information on healing from abuse. We invite anyone that wants to write a post for this series to email Suzanne, NLQ Moderator/Admin at CaluluNLQ(at)gmail(dot)com. … [Read more...]

Prayer & Dark Dungeons


by Mari Prayer Shortly after my youngest brother was born, I was observing my mom who was listening to another mom talk about her kids’ desires for siblings when suddenly, the other mom turned to me and said, “You should pray for a baby sister.”It had never occurred to me that … [Read more...]