Bonus Quoting Quiverfull Duggar Edition: Was Jessa Kidding?

From the Sept. 5, 2016 edition of People magazine:Editor's note: This is pretty sad and makes me feel very bad for Jessa Duggar Seewald. Here's what she said about wanting more children after the rough birth of her son Spurgeon. … [Read more...]

Vyckie Garrison in People Magazine

Just a quick reminder that No Longer Quivering founder  Vyckie Garrison was interviewed by People magazine in reference to the dangers of the Quiverfull life style. The issue will be on newsstands nationwide today. A teaser for the article can also be found at - Duggar Scandal  Here's a few quotes by Vyckie from the article: … [Read more...]

News: Josh Duggar in Rehab – Vyckie Garrison in People Magazine

TMZ is reporting that Josh Duggar has now gone away into a long term rehab in order to try and deal with his issues. No word where or if it is a legitimate counseling facility or if it's some gimcrack fundamentalist Christian 'do construction work while you repent place.'Also Anna Duggar will receive counseling. Again, no word on if this is real and useful counseling or shame and blame based Bill Gothard style counseling that does more harm than good. Will update this page as more news arrives. … [Read more...]

News: Jim Bob Duggar – Petty Tyrant?

Remember last  night when I noted that the the Duggar insiders, the always quoted 'unnamed insiders' that make up the back bone of every Duggar story, have been suspiciously silent in the wake of Josh's newest scandal. They are baackk.... they and People magazine have turned ugly on the Duggars. I guess that's what happens when you refuse a People magazine interview. Which the Duggars did a few weeks back, meaning that People Magazine's Duggar update that came out the same day as the news of Josh's Ashley Madison account was a big embarrassment. A misstep that apparently People hasn't forgotten. … [Read more...]

People Magazine: Michelle Duggar says, "We're ready for more!"

What if God hates Quiverfull? How would Jim Bob & Michelle know?by VyckieIn the latest issue of People magazine, Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar say they are ready to consider a 20th child.The only thing that surprises me about this statement is the fact that Michelle is not already pregnant ~ I was predicting that she'd make an announcement when she received that "Mother of the Year" award at Vision Forum's Baby Conference last month.Since writing the latest NLQ FAQ: Which of Your Kids Would You Rather Had Never Been Born?, I have been thinking more about confirmation bias and Quiverfull.Specifically, I wonder, "What if God hates Quiverfull ~ what could He do to communicate Hi … [Read more...]