The Superbowl, Wooden Dildos and Peaceful Resistance

by Suzanne TitkemeyerFor the last few weeks I've been out of the country, on a trip to Costa Rica to find a place to retire. I've missed a lot of the political commentary and the actions of our new president. Which was a good thing it turns out. The constant drum beat of news we experience here in the United States has been making me anxious. There was none of that during my weeks in this tropical nation, I slept peacefully and the anxiety dreams I've been plagued with for months disappeared. My suddenly high blood pressure normalized. I know I'm not the only one feeling like this right now either.What little that did filter through to me in Central America was largely horrifying. … [Read more...]

Ignoring New Bethany – Is Justice Delayed Justice At All For Carol Ann Cole?

by Suzanne TitkemeyerWe start this week looking at some news.First, we're hearing from several different sources that the man Bossier Parish has identified as a person of interest, John Chesson, has died in prison. How this will affect the investigation is not known, but at best Chesson as the killer seems unlikely. … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: No Politics, Only Motherhood?

by Lori Alexander from The Transformed Wife - Mothers Running For OfficeEditor's note: Lori tries to shame a lady running for political office. Plus anyone else that dares take off their smiling Stepford-mom mask and leave the home for any reason. I wonder if this lady was going spend time away from home volunteering at a church or pro-life anti abortion clinic if Lori's thoughts would line up the same way. Let's face it, women have been the engine that drives progress forward, be it at church, social issue groups, government and business. That's way too threatening for this simplistic worldview that justifies itself by twisting scripture.If you think this is bad please go the page … [Read more...]

The GOP is Imploding as Evangelicals Support Donald Trump

I suppose we should really discuss what's been going down in the last 24 hours in the 2016 race for President of the United States. I don't want to, but things are moving at such a speed and with topics that are so cringe-worthy that it bears discussion. … [Read more...]

The Johnson Amendment: I Agree With Donald Trump

by Bruce Gerencser cross posted from his blog The Life and Times of BruceEditor's note: While the Johnson Amendment does not directly affect the entire Quiverfull movement it is something that many Quiverfull churches routinely violate. In our old church the pastor preached politics directly from the pulpit and any time a vote came up you could count on there being Intercessors for America voting guides sitting on every chair in the sanctuary in direct violation of the Johnson Amendment and the US tax code. Many so-called Christian ministries like IfA and the Family Research Counsel are nothing more than political action groups disguised as ministries who routinely break tax law without … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: Cult-like Preachers and Bonafide Church?

by Steven Anderson of Faithful Word Baptist Church - 501c3 = Lame Excuse Not to Go to ChurchEditor's note: Either Pastor Anderson is getting some pretty enormous push back from within his own church over a multitude of issues, or he's decided the best way to recruit for his hate group is by blogging because he's blogging sometimes two and three times a day now. This is a muddled mess of word salad that has to do with tax status of a church. Check out the hysterical clip of 'King of the Hill's Bobby Hill eating potato chips Anderson is using to illustrate this bit. Or if you're really desperate for a laugh read Anderson's posting explaining social media for dummies - The Green Grass of … [Read more...]

Apostate: Jean-Jacques Rousseau – Chapter 6

by Lana Hope cross posted from her blog Wide Open Ground In today’s review, I will discuss chapter 6 of Kevin Swanson’s book Apostate. In this chapter, Kevin Swanson intensely unravels his special dislike for Rousseau, more so than any of the other “apostates” discussed in the previous chapters.  In part, I understand. Rousseau was not a man of integrity and honor. As Swanson discusses, Rousseau abandoned his children at an orphanage, in order to devote himself to his work, and he cheated on his lifelong partner. Certainly I share concerns that Rousseau never raised his children, and even greater concerns for the part of Rousseau’s life that Swanson does not narrate (for example: Rousseau t … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: Blaming Disasters on “God’s Wrath”?

From The Examiner - GOP Candidate claims autism and dementia are God's punishmentSuzanne Atanus, Republican candidate for U.S. House of Representatives in Illinois, claims autism and dementia are God’s punishment for abortion and LGBT rights. Atanus claims that God is “angry” with the United States and has sent scourges like autism and dementia to punish the American people, according to a report published Jan. 22 by the Chicago Daily Herald. … [Read more...]