I’m Allergic to the Bible


by Melissa cross posted from her blog Permission To LiveI think I’m allergic to the bible. I’ve had many many people tell me to stop listening to everyone else and just read the bible, and I’ve tried again to read it consistently in recent months, but it’s no use.It’s not like I’d be reading something new anyways. I grew up saturated in the bible. We believed it was the literal word of God. We listened to it on tape, we read it everyday as a family, I read chapters upon chapters every day by myself. I have large portions of it memorized. I know what it says, I know what it teaches. I’ve read it in several versions. … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: Addicted to Counseling?


by Bart Janz of Holly Ridge Baptist Church from the sermon "When Men Don't, Women Do" 2007 We are addicted to counseling in America today and we've got to get over it. Do you know why we're addicted to counseling, because you're not reading your Bibles, that's why. Comments open below … [Read more...]

Crampin’ My Style


by MariA few days after my spiritual epiphany, my three brothers and I received brand new, leather-bound King James Version Bibles for Christmas.On New Years’ Day, we began our annual tradition of reading through the entire Bible in 365 days.We were 11, 9, 7 and 5 years of age.This ritual consisted of all of us sitting in a circle and taking turns reading 2 verses each until the assigned passages were finished.I don’t know how anybody else felt about this new development, but personally, I hated it. It wasn’t so much that I didn’t like reading the Bible as it was that I hated that it was so ritualistic and it kept us from doing “kid” stuff.My brothers and I liked to li … [Read more...]