Quoting Quiverfull: Valentine’s Day Edition – Being Alone is ‘Not Good’ Unless it’s to Glorify God?

by K. Marie Adams from Answers in Genesis - If God Made Woman for Man, Then What is God's Plan for Singleness?Editor's note: This author starts out bemoaning Valentine's Day and the state of her singleness before turning it around to claim that being single is all about pressing into God for that relationship. While most holidays are merely marketing tools invented by retailers to increase sales it seems that in Evangelical Fundamentalist Quiverfull being married off young is the be-all and end-all of existence, and this holiday makes the feeling of having failed the primary goal all the worse.  So many young women are not accomplishing this self-stated goal for a variety of reasons. … [Read more...]

Millipede Part 27

by MillipedeWhen I got to my sister's place, she called her neighbor's son. We ended up going out to see the trailer that day. It was a pleasant day for traveling; warm and sunny. It matched my mood perfectly. I was floating along that day, nothing could get me down. The early fall colors were beautiful and made for a great drive.The trailer was in decent condition. There was some work that needed to be done. It was full of the previous occupants' belongings and one whole side was missing the metal siding. I imagine that it was stolen for scrap, however that was small fry. Overall, it was in good and solid shape. Better yet, the neighbor's son wanted only a small finder's fee for … [Read more...]