Quoting Quiverfull: Sacrifice Yourself For Your Children?

by Rebekah Pearl Anast from No Greater Joy - Calling All TeenagersEditor's note: This is from a very lengthy article about how parents must 'train up' their children and by the time they reach adolescence it's way too late. While I agree with her points of talking to your children about what's happening with their bodies and hormones and in general in their lives there's not much else there of any value. But this is the most poisonous parts. Raising your children is not the same as immolating oneself. … [Read more...]

Will Anna Duggar Be Offered As The Next Live Sacrifice To Save The Duggar Family? Scapegoating, Spread Your Legs Theology And The Modern Molech

by Cindy Kunsman cross posted from her blog Under Much Grace(Please take note of embedded links for background information.) I’ve tried for more than 48 hours to write this, but having watched this scenario play out with other followers of Bill Gothard, it brings up so many disturbing emotions for me, I found myself too caught up in them.  As the media begins to report, Anna Duggar will share in the blame for her husband’s sins and divorce will be strongly discouraged if not demonized.  I’ve watched it happen with other people who follow this belief system, over and over again. … [Read more...]

Sunday Shout Out – Is it ‘Sinful’ to Take Time For Yourself?

Nancy Campbell has stated in yesterday and today's Quoting Quiverfull that it's selfish to take time for yourself or to stop and pamper yourself as a mother and wife in any way. No going out for a blissful massage and pedicure, no going to the local gourmet coffee shop to drink coffee and read a book, no going off to something 'adult' like a book club. It's all sacrifice all the time in the perfect world of motherhood Nancy espouses. … [Read more...]