Part 2 – Trey Orders You to Provide Marital Sex on Demand?

by Ken Alexander, busy rubber-stamping the words of Trey, infamous toxic commenter, at Lori Alexander’s The Transformed Wife – Making it Easy For Your Husband to Not LustEditor's note: Interesting, I almost thought this was written by Trey. It does seem that some of the same syntax and ideas are shared equally between 'Trey' and Ken. What do you think? Is 'Trey' a sock-puppet for Ken? One thing I do know, having sex daily does not "vaccinate" anyone against porn or affairs. Wishful thinking. Dream on, Ken, dream on.Trey is speaking of an important Biblical truth that has been lost in many Christian marriages. Regular intimacy two to three times a week is God’s prescription to vacci … [Read more...]

Part 1 – Trey Orders You to Provide Marital Sex on Demand?

by Trey, infamous toxic commenter, at Lori Alexander's The Transformed Wife - Making it Easy For Your Husband to Not LustEditor's note: I swore after I posted about cheating husbands and 16 year old brides this week from Lori's site that I would refrain from quoting her the rest of the week. That was before I saw her more ridiculous shameful male poster (teaching men, are you Lori?) was given his own bully-pulpit. He's claiming that women giving sex upon demand, enthusiastically in exactly whatever fashion  the Mister decides is the only way to turn off male lust. … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: Part 1 – Men Are Blameless in Marriage?

by Larry Solomon from Biblical Gender Roles - Why Unity in Marriage Has More to do With the Wife Than the Husband Editor's note: Larry starts this off by claiming that there are 5 steps to achieving marital unity and they can be summed up simply - Have sex, husbands sacrifice a little time talking to the woman and the woman must submit in every way plus never say an unkind word ever to the husband. Seriously, Larry thinks that the husbands only responsibilities towards unity are screw and listen to her a few minutes daily? It is just not that simple Larry old boy! … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: Fungible Marital Sex?

by Larry Solomon of Biblical Gender Roles as found on FacebookEditor's note: This is so shockingly vile and demeaning. It paints much of the marriage relationship into a series of trade-offs, exchanges, not too differently than a man going to a prostitute might make. Because make no mistake about it, what Larry is talking about here is cooperation with his wife in exchange for sexual favors. i.e. - want him to do something around the house that's going to require a handjob whenever demanded. HEALTHY marriage relationships do not work that way! It's not tit for tat! Interactions with a sex worker do. Larry holds wives as being the same as sex workers. … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: Michael and Debi Pearl’s Honeymoon

From the first chapter of Created To Need A Help Meet by Michael Pearl. The infamous story everyone keeps referring to... … [Read more...]