Elvis Came to Church


by Bruce Gerencser What follows is a humorous and tragic story of a man I met in church. In 2003, my family and I moved to Clare, Michigan so that I could assume the pastorate of Victory Baptist Church. (a Southern Baptist church) This was the last church [Read more...]

Shedding the Burqa Part 2


by Cindy Foster While I waited in the car with the kids, my husband stayed behind and told The Preacher that we would be leaving. This was actually the second time he told him.  The first was the day The Preacher administered ‘The Shunning’ [Read more...]

Spiritual Abuse at The ROC: Following God


by Following God (Editor note: People coming out of The ROC have been congregating online at the Richmond Outreach Center Recovery Group on Facebook. Their mission is to help disillusioned former members of The ROC in their recovery from spiritual abuse. This young lady’s story is a brief one but she wishes [Read more...]

Leaving Part 2


by Mari My mom was one of the people who was in charge of the home school group that we were part of. I don’t know if she had an official title, but she and a friend would get together and have planning sessions and make arrangements for meetings and field trips and things. I [Read More...]

Millipede Part 15


by Millipede I watched in the oncoming month as my husband’s church world came apart. Everything carried a taint of the break; sermons where a new point of view was explained, the fellowship afterwards that was a shadow of its former self. I watched as my husband hung back while our pastor conversed with the [Read More...]