Dousing a Fire

by AJ cross posted from her blog I am Phoenix Back when things just rolled right off me. Why do I often feel so sensitive, defensive and maligned against? Some days, it’s like my body is a magnet that draws to itself and magnifies each hurt, each bit of slander, each little judgement I sense [Read More...]

Toddlerhood: Part 1

by Mari Davie Somewhere between my first and second birthdays, I got hair. Like, actual hair. I sported that reddish fuzz for roughly 19 months. Then, all of a sudden, I had two little boy cousins, another brother and…. hair. Soft, blonde, wavy hair. But my hair isn’t that important in this chapter. Let’s talk [Read More...]

Before There Was Me: Part 4

by Mari And Then There  Were Two My second brother, Andrew was born nearly two years after Jonathan. Today, I’d say my favorite part about Andy is that he’s daddy to a special little 2-year old girl and a precious 3-week old baby girl. And of course, husband to a wonderful lady. Another thing I [Read More...]