Quoting Quiverfull: Jana Duggar Still Waiting For ‘Prince Charming’?

by Jana Duggar in an interview with Crown of Beauty Magazine - New Duggar Girls InterviewEditor's note: Jana finally speaks out about the struggles of waiting for marriage when all your siblings are marrying off left and right. This is so sad. We all know that it's very common for the eldest daughter in large Quiverfull families to either not marry at all, or to delay marriage much later than their siblings so that they can be a help meet for their younger siblings.Is anyone interested in doing a book review for NLQ of Crown of Beauty's book 'Beauty, Boys, and Ballgowns'? Let me know and I'll see if I can get a review copy. … [Read more...]

When Other Daughters and Sons of Patriarchy Are Trapped

by Lana Hope cross posted from her blog Wide Open GroundWith all the ex-conservative homeschooler blogs out there nowdays, people may be under the impression that homeschool fundamentalism has viritually disappeared among homeschool alumni. To be sure, this Christian movement among homeschool graduates is dying a very slow and painful death. But it is so far from over, and I have so many friends still trapped in the ideology that I constantly feel the tension with old friends and old hangouts.  Here’s just a few  very recent encounters I had with a few graduates … [Read more...]

Quiverfull Sorority of Survivors (QFSOS) & Voices of “Sister-Moms”

by Heather Doney cross posted from her blog Becoming WorldlyI recently created a Facebook group called Quiverfull Sorority of Survivors (QFSOS) with the help of two others and while it is a secret group for members’ privacy, we don’t want the existence of it to be secret, … [Read more...]