TLC Filming New Duggar Family Television Shows

If there's one thing you can count on with networks like The Learning Channel is that they will not kill off the golden geese that fund the network, not even when children are sexually molested or one of the stars is exposed as a hypocrite. They waited a long time to cancel '19 Kids and Counting' starring the Duggar family, indicating that they were mostly waiting for the world to forget their outrage over Josh Duggar molesting his sisters, not that they had any real concern for the victims or the family. Yesterday it came out that TLC is once again putting the Duggar family back on television. … [Read more...]

Laughter is Good Medicine: The “Learning” Channel?

"White Trash" isn't a moniker that we use here but it is interesting that The Learning Channel seems determined to feature shows with a freak show element involving mostly Caucasians making fools of themselves. They might … [Read more...]