Quoting Quiverfull: Give In To What Your Husbant Wants All The Time?

by Stephane Singletary from Purposeful and Meaningful - What To Do When You Are Married To An Unbelieving HusbandEditor's note: What?!? So not only are you supposed to endlessly submit to a guy that isn't living the same way you are but now you're supposed to also go along with him and have no opinions or disagreements on day to day life? It sounds almost as though what's being advocated is worshiping your husband and turning him into the center of a cult of two people, him as the sacred leader/idol and you, the only worshiper/servant. This is not how emotionally healthy marriages function no matter what this woman says. This is not how respect between spouses works. … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: Man Controls EVERYTHING!

by Larry Solomon from Biblical Gender Roles – 10 Reasons Christian Couples Should NOT See Marriage Counselors as always linked through Do Not Link for your safety and the admin’s sanity.Editor's note: We're continuing down Larry Solomon's countdown of irrational toxic reasons why marriage counseling is not needed. Today it's all about the man being God and deciding every thing. … [Read more...]