Quoting Quiverfull: Accidental Birth Control is a Sin?

by Zsuzanna Anderson of Are They All Yours?? - Q & A Answers Part OneEditor's note: Interesting that even using a substance that might shut down your reproductive system even temporarily is a sin. The question makes you wonder if the original questioner is backhandedly groping around for a 'non-sinful' way to shut down her fertility. Wonder if the Campbell daughters, or their mother Nancy Campbell, promoter of all Quiverfull, realize that they are pushing a natural birth control. … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: Sugar is Godly?

by Steven Anderson of Faithful Word Baptist Church - Biblical Reasons to Have Sugar in Your DietEditor's note: Anderson is really cranking out the content lately. Just this morning he posted about how 'soul winning' is good for you body and soul. He's also recently posted about how God can use any foul-smelling formerly-evil thing for good in the church in complete 180 degree turn from his usual blaming and shaming of everyone outside of his tiny cultic church. He just warns against 'clicks', I think he meant 'cliques'. Here's his take on why it's a-okay to eat sugar, just in moderation. Moderation is key to many things in life, including religion. Sugar isn't for everyone no matter how … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: Go To Bed Or Your Husband Might Sexually Stray?

by Nancy Campbell from Above Rubies - The TrendEditor's note: Oh great! Another thing to be fearful about in the CPM/Quiverfull movement. Your poor man cannot be up in the bed sleeping without you there cooing over him. Claiming it brings your husband 'sexual temptation' if you're not up in the bed at the same time as him is really a big stretch. What, does he have his Ipad under the covers with the browsers open to free porn and match making sites? Any man weak enough to stray because he's up in the bed alone while you're answering emails or playing Candy Crush isn't worth having in the first place! … [Read more...]

Trim Healthy Mama – Snake in the Grass

by CaluluThis morning as I was playing my morning interesting Russian roulette (dangerous for my cup of coffee!) of reading through the various Quiverfull ministry sites I came across an update for the ladies of "Trim Healthy Mama". … [Read more...]

I just don’t like Above Rubies magazine

By Vyckie GarrisonMy bulk subscription to Above Rubies recently arrived in the mail. Even though I left my Quiverfull beliefs and lifestyle over five years ago, I never bothered to remove myself from Nancy Campbell's mailing list - so periodically, I still receive five copies of the magazine which claims to be "Strengthening Families Across The World."The lastest issue features a cover photo of Nancy's daughters, Pearl and Serene making their FAT STRIPPING FRAPPA (even though it's sweet, frothy, and creamy, it will strip off the pounds!  ... find the recipe in their new book, Trim Healthy Mama) and headlines to make a submissive Quiverfull wife drool:We Stopped Our D … [Read more...]