Introducing our guest editor, Vanessa Gomez Brake

I've been living New York City for the last week in a mini-residency to focus on some more substantial writing projects, and I'll be here for the next three weeks. Vanessa Gomez Brake, interviewed below, will be NonProphet Status's guest editor while I'm gone!Gomez Brake's interfaith credentials are impressive. She oversees campus programming at the Stanford University Office for Religious Life. She graduated from Arizona State University with degrees in Religious Studies and Psychology, and … [Read more...]

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Foundation Beyond Belief Announces Compassionate Impact Grant

 Foundation Beyond Belief (FBB) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit tasked with encouraging and facilitating charitable giving for atheists, Humanists, and other nonreligious folks in America and abroad. Their model thus far has been to, through a rigorous selection process, present five charities each quarter in different categories of philanthropy to which their members and affiliates are recommended to donate. They've also established a program for crisis response giving and founded a … [Read more...]

One month at Patheos, looking back

It's been a little more than a month since our humble blogfam joined the atheist channel here at Patheos. The entire process moved very quickly---Dale McGowan, the Managing Editor of the atheist channel[1. AKA our blogdad] reached out to us to see if we'd be interested in relaunching NPS at Patheos. Though Chris Stedman, the founder of our blog,[2. AKA our other blogdad] had moved on to blogging at his Religion News Service site and couldn't join us, we all agreed to join the network.On the f … [Read more...]

NPS’s Walker Bristol named Humanist in Residence at Tufts University

I'm delighted that the Tufts University Chaplaincy has recently hired Walker Bristol, a longtime NPS contributor and good friend of mine, as their part-time Humanist in Residence. Chris Stedman reports: Five years after a group of atheist and agnostic students launched a campaign to get a Humanist chaplain at Tufts, the university has created a new Humanist staff position—the first of its kind in the United States.The Humanist in Residence, a new staff member of the Tufts University Chapl … [Read more...]

Daniel Trilling’s Bold New Humanism Starts This Month

In August, Daniel Trilling introduced himself as the incoming editor for New Humanist, stating that he would take over in September in a blog post at the Rationalist Association. New Humanist is actually one of the oldest continually published magazines, having been spreading the gospel of critical inquiry, science, and human rights since 1885; the magazine is published by the Rationalist Association, a UK-based secular advocacy group. Trilling’s blog post prefigures a heightened humanistic c … [Read more...]

Faith Line Protestants Relaunch!

The interfaith movement seeks to encompass people of all spiritual paths: indeed, atheists, but those too whose faith is rooted in conversion. Faith Line Protestants is an online journal of evangelical Christians involved in interfaith work and interesting in better integrating the evangelical and pluralistic communities. Two and a half years since its inception, and after being on hiatus since October, FLP has returned with several new contributors to continue the discussion on modern … [Read more...]

Speaking at NYC's First Sunday Assembly

I'm very excited to announce that on Sunday, June 30th, I'll be the guest speaker for New York City's first ever Sunday Assembly.At this point you very well may be asking yourself: What exactly is a Sunday Assembly? Per a recent article in the NY Daily News:After six months of packed houses at monthly services in London, an atheist congregation called The Sunday Assembly is bringing its movement to the U.S.The co-founders [comedians Sanderson Jones and Pippa Evans] will soon embark on a … [Read more...]

New Religion Newswriters Association Resource on Nontheists

Religion Newswriters Association—a non-partisan service for journalists who write about religion provided by journalists who write about religion—lifts up Faitheist in the introduction to their new resource entitled "Freethinkers: The next generation of nontheists emerges.""Others argue for greater engagement with believers – for finding 'common moral ground between theists and atheists,' as Chris Stedman, a humanist chaplain at Harvard University, puts it. Stedman is the author of the 2012 mem … [Read more...]

Darryl Stephens Comes Out as Agnostic

Actor and LGBT activist Darryl Stephens (star of TV's "Noah's Arc") has publicly come out as agnostic after reading Faitheist. Click here to read his vulnerable, honest reflection on his journey and his desire to find common ground with the religious. "[Faitheist] has inspired me to be less judgmental of people of faith... The kindness one exhibits, the empathy one feels, the integrity with which one lives their life - these are the qualities that we should be concerned about, not where he or sh … [Read more...]

A Queer Atheist in the Heart of Mormon Country

Earlier this year I visited Utah to speak at a conference cosponsored by Brigham Young University (98.5% Mormon) and Utah Valley University (86% Mormon, the highest single-religion percentage at any public university campus in the U.S.A.). In advance of my speech this weekend at Boston Pride, and in light of a strong Mormon presence at this year's Utah Pride, my new piece for Religion Dispatches explores what I experienced as a queer atheist in the heart of Mormon country. Check out an excerpt be … [Read more...]