I’ve written a lot of stuff this week! A Roundup

It's been a hectic few weeks for me, and a lot of pieces I've been working on for the last month or so have finally been published. This has been really rewarding and cool.At The Daily Beast, you can read about the latest research on combating anti-vaccine attitudes. Powell and Horne didn’t measure how long the change in attitude about vaccines lasted, and it’s worth noting that the information about the harms of not vaccinating didn’t change anyone’s beliefs about the link between vaccines … [Read more...]

Explanations and story-telling, or how to write about science

I've had a steady gig at The Daily Beast for a half-dozen months or so which, more than paying me too generously, has given me a great opportunity to do some more science writing. I've enjoyed this a lot.I took a science writing seminar my senior year in college with Carl Zimmer, an award-winning science writer and a weekly columnist at The New York Times. He's great, and I still think back often to what I learned from him. It was easily one of the best classes I took, and I was lucky to … [Read more...]

Help support “Scalawag,” a new magazine for Southern politics and culture

If you had to make a list of "things I care about right now," near the top would definitely be "good writing" and "the American South." I've been living in Durham, NC and working at Duke University for almost three years, and it's been a fantastic place to make my home. I have a steady income, a low cost of living, access to arts and culture, and enough time to do some writing and reading on top of my work.That's why I'm really excited about a new magazine two of my old classmates and recent … [Read more...]

Ezra Klein’s advice to young journalists

At Vox, Ezra Klein writes up what he thinks is his best guidance for aspiring journalists, and I think it's very good.His guiding principle: You always want to be doing work that is as close as possible to the kind of work you want to be doing in your dream job. The reasoning here is simple: Insofar as you're building skills, you want to be building skills you actually intend to use. If your dream is to be an economy reporter, the best possible way for you to spend your time is reporting s … [Read more...]