On Engaging Atheists on College Campuses – An Interview with a Sikh/Hindu Interfaith Activist

Meet Tahil Sharma.Although Tahil and I have worked together on the North American Interfaith Network for over a year now, we had yet to meet in person until last month, when we attended the Parliament of World Religions conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. As we sat down for langar each day, I came to learn of his inspiring interfaith work on his university campus, as well as his perspective on working across the religious/non-religious divide. And thus we have arrived here on Non Prophet … [Read more...]

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On the Radio for Share Your Secular Story

Who says radio is dead? Certainly not Chicago Public Radio offshoot Vocalo.org!I've been collaborating with Vocalo / WBEW 89.5 FM since last fall, providing religious-themed content for their on-air programming (you can sample some of these roundtables here, here and here). But today I had the privilege of appearing on the air to discuss NonProphet Status' ongoing Share Your Secular Story contest, my personal views on secular community-building and story-sharing, the current non-religious … [Read more...]

Chicago Area Secular Humanist Meet-Up

Hey folks! We're putting together a Chicago area Secular Humanist Meet-Up and we want your input. Not sure what Secular Humanism is? Not sure if you are one? That's fine. We'd love to have you involved.The agenda is set for our brainstorming meeting on Wednesday, March 17th. If you're interested in attending, please email us at nonprophetstatus@gmail.com. … [Read more...]