San Francisco LGBTQI Pride: A Humanist Reflection

If you are anything like me,  last Friday's SCOTUS ruling on marriage equality completely overwhelmed you. Tears of joy were present with me throughout the day. Since not all NonProphet Status readers live in a city quite like San Francisco, where Pride is celebrated in a very major way, I thought I'd take this opportunity to share a few photos from my weekend.  Every year, the secular communities of the San Francisco Bay Area come together to march as a large contingent in the LGBTQI Pride p … [Read more...]

A Reason to Celebrate: An Incomplete List of Not-So-Holy Days

For some reason, when I first became an atheist, I began distancing myself from rites of passage, celebrations of life or anything that resembled religious ritual. Early on, my atheism took the form of rebelling against the dominant Christian norms that prevail here in the U.S. It was my way of living into my new label of choice. My phase of ‘opting out’ did not last long however, as I began to see the very real necessity of celebration.What is life without the joyous acknowledgement of this … [Read more...]

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Is atheism about Civil Rights?

My latest for The Daily Beast went up yesterday. Is atheism about Civil Rights? In part because of horrors that atheists experience in the rest of the world, and in part because of gross abuses experienced by other minorities in the West, I tend to roll my eyes at rhetoric often used by the public faces of atheism in America. My close friend Chris Stedman has catalogued a few examples: according to Bill Maher of HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, atheism is the new gay marriage; Todd Stiefel, a pr … [Read more...]

Atheists can be fundamentalists, but not “atheist fundamentalists”

This week, Chris Stedman’s Faitheist column featured a fascinating debate over whether or not atheists can be fundamentalists. Stedman’s decision to host the debate was rooted in his own ambivalence about employing terms like “militant” and “fundamentalist” about atheists: Just as there are religious people who denigrate any and all who do not share in their beliefs, or who argue that the only path forward to building a better world is the universal adoption of their worldview, there are some at … [Read more...]

Is there room for the spiritual in humanism?

At a launch party for a new local coffee shop a few nights ago—the kind of thing that draws people as much to network and get free as it does to support what’s being launched—I ended up discussing humanism, as I often do, with a few new faces. Two men stuck out to me, because they had never heard the term humanism before. And after I explained what it was, both of them immediately told me they were humanists.The first man told me that, while he’s been an atheist for quite some time, he’s neve … [Read more...]

When is civility appropriate?

Over at Temple of the Future, fellow Patheos blogger James Croft has a few notes about civility in the aftermath of Ferguson: Civility is not the most important value. There are times when incivility is warranted and useful – and times like that arise frequently during events such as those we are seeing in St. Louis right now. Incivility can be an effective jolt to a complacent mind – or a complacent system which is harming people. Individuals under duress and suffering from oppression cannot re … [Read more...]

Atheists who experience discrimination identify more strongly as atheists

At The Pacific Standard, Tom Jacobs discusses recent research on how atheist identity is affected by experiences and perceptions of discrimination. Jacobs writes:Writing in the journal Psychology of Religion and Spirituality, [the researchers] describe a study featuring 960 self-identified atheists. They responded to a long list of statements designed to measure their experience with personal discrimination, group discrimination, and their personal identification with atheism, along with the … [Read more...]

Chis Stedman and Reza Aslan on experiences shared by Atheists and Muslims

In light of the recent controversy between Sam Harris and Ben Affleck on Bill Maher’s “Real Time” and the backlash that followed, Muslim academic, Reza Aslan and Humanist leader Chris Stedman[1. Full disclosure: Chris Stedman is the founder of NonProphet Status.] call for a more civil discussion between atheists and Muslims. They explain that atheists and Muslims may have more in common that one might think: “According to a Pew poll conducted this year, Muslims and atheists are the two least fav … [Read more...]

The problems with “ethical” meat

A common response to my post about why atheists should be vegans is that it's okay to eat ethically-raised meat. Shouldn't we pursue those, the argument goes, instead of completely abstaining from animal products? I find these arguments somewhat compelling---after all, if people with ethical concerns left the meat market, that would leave the meat market driven by people with no ethical concerns for how their meat is treated. But I've become convinced for a number of reasons that it's better on t … [Read more...]

Keith DeRose on knowing whether or not God exists

At The New York Times's "The Stone" blog, Gary Gutting, a professor of Philosophy at Notre Dame, has a running series of thoughtful interviews with philosophers about religion and God. The latest installment features Keith DeRose.DeRose provides a challenging view for many atheists, and, even if you disagree (which I think I might), it's a thoughtful perspective worth grappling with. DeRose says:My suggestion is that neither theists nor atheists know whether God exists. And here I don’t j … [Read more...]