A portrait of the place where Evangelical politics and climate change meet

The climate talks in Paris are in their second week, and it's sometimes difficult on such a global stage to appreciate the small and local ways that climate change affects us. Consider the Hampton Roads region in Virginia, a collection of seven coastal cities including Virginia Beach and Norfolk. Writing for Scalawag, the Durham-based magazine covering Southern politics, Michael Schulson sets the scene (full disclosure: Schulson and the Scalawag team are good friends of mine): Global sea level i … [Read more...]

Are we just a bunch of nihilists?

Two weeks ago, WNYCs Radiolab released a show about Nihilism. The podcast, titled "In the dust of this planet," featured Eugene Thacker–professor at the New School in NYC, and self-proclaimed nihilist/pessimist.The podcast explored the question of whether the current generation of young people are more nihilistic than the generations that came before them. To illustrate his point, Radiolab host Jad Abumrad discussed how the cover of Thacker's book, after which the episode is named, went on to … [Read more...]

Religion Roundup: Terrorism, Immigration, Climate Change, A Pun About My Dog

Sorry for the lack of updates! I've been in limbo -- in Minnesota visiting family and friends for secular Christmas with limited internet access. I'm still here but will be back with a vengeance in 2010. Until then, here is your (delayed) religion roundup and, to compensate for my slacking, a picture of me sledding with the family dog (dog-sledding... get it?!). And to those who celebrate something this time of year: Happy ____!The Terrorist Next Door: The New York Times has an informative … [Read more...]