When Atheists Get it Wrong: The Ledge

Vlad Chituc's column, When Atheists Get It Wrong, is intended to critically examine bad claims and arguments, not to tear down their author or damage atheism writ large, but to critically assess those arguments and positions to build up better, more accurate ones, in order to promote a stronger atheist movement. As a reminder, the views of this blog post do not necessarily represent those of Chris Stedman, the other NPS panelists, or any of the organizations with which they affiliate.In case … [Read more...]

Guest Commentary: Sex and the City 2 and Cross-Cultural Caricatures

Today's guest commentary comes from Eat The Damn Cake's Kate Fridkis, who we interviewed earlier this week. Kate recently attended a screening of the film Sex and the City 2, and we asked her to comment on the film's purportedly insensitive attitude toward Muslims. Below is Kate's reaction.Sex and the City 2 was exactly what I expected it to be. Tired, emaciated, glitzy, and full of shoes and dresses with shocking shoulder pads. But I've watched the whole series and as a result, I feel … [Read more...]

Is Sex and the City 2 Islamophobic?

Okay, so I haven't been paying any attention to the ramp up to the release of Sex and City 2 because, well, I've zero interest in seeing it. But then I came across this article the other day on the Huffington Post pointing to a review by Stephen Farber at the Hollywood Reporter that says the film is "anti-Muslim" and that it is "at once proudly feminist and blatantly anti-Muslim, which means that it might confound liberal viewers." Sky News elaborates: "One scene even features the four main … [Read more...]

Religion Roundup: Hatin’ on Haiti, "Winning the War," and more

Hello from me and my buddy Pat! I'm quite busy these days and will only be getting busier as the run-up to my thesis submission intensifies, but fear not: NonProphet Status will continue to bring you original content every week.Without further ado: religion news, from me to you!Haitian Hubbub: The earthquake in Haiti has been unavoidable in the media, and with good reason -- it was and continues to be absolutely devastating. Distracting from the devastation, however, was good 'ol Pat … [Read more...]

One Chicago, One Nation Launch a Smashing Success

Last night I attended the launch event for the new One Chicago, One Nation Initiative, at the Chicago Cultural Center and had an incredible time. The initiative, a collaboration between the Interfaith Youth Core, IMAN (Inner-City Muslim Action Network), Link TV, the Chicago Community Trust, and One Nation, was formally launched with a program that featured a diverse lineup of inspiring speakers including IFYC founder Eboo Patel, IMAN founder Rami Nashashibi, Chaplain Dr. Javier Orozco of DePaul … [Read more...]