The rise of interfaith chaplaincy

NPR ran a delightful story yesterday about interfaith chaplains on college campuses.From NPR: A third of young Americans report no religious affiliation. Given the odds, you might expect life around a college chaplain's office to be pretty dull these days. But as Monique Parsons found out, new interfaith chaplains are transforming and revitalizing this old role.[...] PARSONS: Joseph Ross is a junior from El Segundo. ROSS: I have also done a Torah study my freshman year. I do atheist … [Read more...]

Time to Stop Rewarding the Dehumanizing Rhetoric

Recently, I was honored to receive an invitation to join the esteemed panel of the Washington Post's On Faith. Please read and share my first piece -- below is the beginning, and it can be read in full at On Faith:In the wake of this national tragedy, many have speculated about whether violent rhetoric and imagery used by Sarah Palin and others directly influenced Saturday's devastating events. We may never know if there was a direct link between Palin's words and the tragedy in Arizona, but … [Read more...]

Redefining America’s Religious Tradition

Today's guest blog, the latest in our ongoing series of guest contributors, comes from Stephen Goeman and Bruce Wang, members of Tufts Freethought Society. It is a reflection on pluralism and its ramifications for several contemporary social issues, written from the perspective of two up-and-coming nonreligious student leaders. Initially produced for the Tufts Roundtable, it is a thorough and compelling call for pluralism -- please check it out:A fundamental challenge is confronting Am … [Read more...]

Some Updates! Or, Where in the World is Chris Stedman?

So you might be wondering: "Where is Chris? He's been kinda absent from the blog lately..."Guilty as charged! I'm sorry, but I hope you've been enjoying the awesome commentary from guest bloggers. I've had a lot going on; here's a taste of what I've been up to:1. State of FormationOver the summer, I was hired by the Journal of Inter-Religious Dialogue to be the Managing Director of State of Formation, a new forum for emerging religious and ethical leaders co-sponsored by Hebrew … [Read more...]

A Place at the Table

The latest in our ongoing series of guest posts is adapted from a talk given by my friend James Croft at the Congress on the Future of Faith at Harvard (which I was lucky enough to see in person). There's so much I could say about this, but I think it speaks for itself. A monumental piece that is both important and timely. Check it out: I'm James, and I'm a choirboy. You can probably tell—something about my angelic features, and the slight haze of a halo above my head. And as a kid I loved si … [Read more...]

October Speaking and Travel

Hey all! Sorry for the lack of substantive posts -- our ongoing series of guest contributors is still happening, and I've been doing some other writing that's kept me busy. Some of this will see the light of day soon, I promise. In the meantime, I have some exciting information about my speaking and travel this month -- in case you wanted to stalk me, I guess!This Sunday, October 10th, I will be heading to Boston, MA for a few days to hang out with the Humanist Chaplaincy at Harvard, do some … [Read more...]

Why Pluralism is the Way Forward: Resources for the Nonreligious

I have two new articles up at The New Humanism, a publication of the Humanist Chaplaincy at Harvard University. In the first, I wrestle with the question: "Should the Nonreligious Join in Interfaith Work?" In the second, I offer some best practices, cautionary considerations, and potential obstacles for nonreligious involvement in interfaith work.These two articles are my attempt to offer an introductory but comprehensive consideration of the issues surrounding nonreligious involvement in … [Read more...]