A Committed Christian’s Atheist Heroes

Today's post in our ongoing series of guest bloggers comes from the amazing Amber Hacker, Network Engagement Coordinator at the Interfaith Youth Core. Below, Amber reflects on a few atheists who inspire her and the kinds of honest and respectful conversations atheists and Christians can have. Take it away, Amber! A few months ago I told my friend Chris Stedman, a former Christian and current atheist, that there's nothing I'd love to see more than for him to come back to Christ.This is true, … [Read more...]

Introducing Some Other NonProphets

Hey folks! I've got a few big projects in the works right now (how vague and ambiguous...), so, to keep NonProphet Status fresh amidst my busyness, I've recruited a few worthy guest bloggers to populate it with content over the next few weeks. In the past, I've been honored to feature some pretty incredible guest posts from the likes of Tim Brauhn, Jessica Kelley, Nick Mattos, Sayira Khokar, Rory Fenton, Nate Mauger, Kate Fridkis, Andrew Fogle, Miranda Hovemeyer, Nat DeLuca, Mary Ellen Giess, Je … [Read more...]

Announcing the Winners of the Share Your Secular Story Contest!

When we put out a call for stories just a few months ago, we received an influx of submissions from all across the United States and even across the globe, with entries from Ireland and Kenya and a story from one entrant's childhood growing up in India. This great diversity of submissions made judging these and determining a batch of winners a difficult task for our esteemed panel of judges made up by the former Director of Amnesty International and 2000 "Humanist of the Year" Dr. William … [Read more...]

Why Are Secular Stories Important?

The following guest post comes from Mary Ellen Giess, a member of the Share Your Secular Story contest panel of judges. The contest closes in only 3 DAYS so don't delay -- submit your story today!Why are secular stories important? Because the secular community lacks an identity. Because surveys demonstrate that when people truly know others of diverse backgrounds, they are less likely to have bigoted opinions about one another. Because secularists shouldn't just be defined by the things they … [Read more...]

What Are We Fighting For?

As I've written on here before, the basic premise of this blog – to build pluralism among secular and religious folks and work for an organized secular community that isn’t rooted in an oppositional identity standing against religion – has become something of a lightning rod for controversy among some contingents of the non-religious community. So it wasn't especially surprising when a gratuitously spiteful post went up this week over at World of Weird Things. You should read it for yourself, but … [Read more...]

Announcing the Share Your Secular Story Contest!

We've been hinting that something exciting has been in the works for the past couple weeks; well, folks, the day is finally here.We are so excited to announce the Share Your Secular Story contest, a call for stories by NonProphet Status!We're seeking previously unpublished personal stories written from a secular (Secular Humanist, Atheist, Agnostic, et al.) perspective. The stories of secular people are scattered because we as a people are scattered. Because there is little cohesion among … [Read more...]