A portrait of the place where Evangelical politics and climate change meet

The climate talks in Paris are in their second week, and it's sometimes difficult on such a global stage to appreciate the small and local ways that climate change affects us. Consider the Hampton Roads region in Virginia, a collection of seven coastal cities including Virginia Beach and Norfolk. Writing for Scalawag, the Durham-based magazine covering Southern politics, Michael Schulson sets the scene (full disclosure: Schulson and the Scalawag team are good friends of mine): Global sea level i … [Read more...]

My friends write cool things: Morality, identity, and Mormons on the internet

Aeon has quickly grown to be one of my favorite online magazines; they publish in-depth and extremely thoughtful articles and essays several times a week. I don't think I've ever run across an essay they published that I didn't think was worth reading.This morning, my friend and collaborator Nina Strohminger published a piece about her work on the moral components of personal identity. She writes: [S]ouls are a useful construct, one we can make sense of in fiction and fantasy, and as a s … [Read more...]